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2016 — 2017

Annual Report Highlights

Photo Credit: Rick Clifford

Artist: Daniel Caesar

About the Foundation

We are a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian music industry.

FACTOR is one of the most significant sources of financial assistance offered to help sustain and grow the independent Canadian music industry.

Support is provided to Canadian recording artists, songwriters, managers, labels, publishers, event producers and distributors through various programs, at every stage of their careers.


Funding Offered by Genre

Genre $ Offered
Adult Contemporary$317,423.87
Christian Rock$85,495.00
Hard Rock$62,391.00
Genre $ Offered
Heavy Metal$280,091.38
Hip Hop$617,761.62

Funding Offered by Province / Territory

Province $ Offered
British Columbia$2,322,121.98
New Brunswick$81,302.75
Newfoundland and Labrador$208,199.48
Northwest Territories$1,150.00
Nova Scotia$766,216.42
Province $ Offered
Prince Edward Island$216,390.16


FACTOR relies on the participation of members of the Canadian music scene to help assess and fund projects through FACTOR’S Artist Development Program and Juried Sound Recording Program.

Number of Jurors Per Province

Success Stories

We are proud to be part of the success of all of the artists, companies, conferences and events that we fund—and we want to share that success with the world.


Charlotte Day Wilson

FACTOR Juried Sound Recording funding was essential in helping Charlotte Day Wilson tour North America extensively.




Thanks to FACTOR’s Comprehensive Artist grant, BADBADNOTGOOD were able to make IV, on their own terms.


Photo Credit: Lauren D Zbarsky-press,

Artist: Humans

We are forever grateful to come from a country that supports their artists and believes our creativity helps build diversity and culture.
- Weaves


Photo Credit: Brendan Ko,

Artist: Weaves

Board of Directors

2016 - 2017 Board Members

Member from the music industry

Canada’s private radio broadcasters

  • Lenore Gibson, Chair Bell Media Inc. Appointee Senior Counsel, Regulatory Affairs
  • Duff Roman Director Emeritus President & CEO, Duff Roman Media Inc.
  • Mark Jowett CMPA Appointee Vice President, International A&R/Publishing, Nettwerk Music Group
  • Scott Long Observer, Chair of National Advisory Board Executive Director, Music Nova Scotia
  • Meghan Symsyk, Vice-Chair MMF Appointee Vice President, International Marketing & Management, eOne Music
  • Julien Paquin Elected Member, Music Industry President, Paquin Artists Agency
  • Andrina Turenne Elected Member, Music Industry Artist
  • Steve Parsons, Secretary CAB Appointee Operations Manager, Boom 97.3/Flow 93.5
  • John Lewis Independent Private Radio Sr. Vice President, Programming and Operations, SiriusXM Canada
  • Tim Potocic CIMA Appointee Co-Owner, Sonic Unyon
  • Justin West, Treasurer CIMA Appointee President, Secret City Records
  • Adam Thompson Rogers Appointee Program Director, SONiC Edmonton
  • Ross MacLeod CORUS Appointee Program Director, 102.1 The Edge

FACTOR has a Director Emeritus, Duff Roman, who is also the founding President of the organization. He has remained an active supporter and builder of FACTOR

throughout its history and the Board and staff of FACTOR are honoured to have an individual of his expertise and experience providing on-going guidance.

We would like to thank Lloyd Nishimura for his contributions to FACTOR this year.


FACTOR currently has 20 full-time staff in four departments.

Client Services

  • Angela Fex Manager, Client Services
  • Eryka MacLean Assistant Manager, Client Services
  • Evelyn Cream Manager, Collective Initiatives
  • Taiwo Bah Project Coordinator, Sponsorships and Outreach
  • Beth Hamill Senior Project Coordinator
  • Erin Kiyonaga Senior Project Coordinator
  • Jeff Hayward Project Coordinator
  • Angela Kozak Project Coordinator
  • Jeremy Klaver Jury Supervisor
  • Geoff Stairs Project Coordinator
  • Lindsey Van De Keere Project Coordinator
  • Derek Wilson Project Coordinator


  • Duncan McKie President
  • Allison Outhit Vice President of Operations
  • Phil Gumbley Director of Operations
  • Tia Gordon Office Coordinator
  • Megan Jones Business Operations Specialist
  • Danitza Nolasco CRM Administrator


  • Marina Anianova Accounting Manager


  • Karina Moldovan Communications and Stakeholder Relations Officer

FACTOR would like to thank Aurora Bangarth, Cathy Waszczuk and Tamara Dawit for their contributions to FACTOR during our fiscal year.

Collective Initiatives

Digital Marketing

Phantom Compass

Winner of the 2017 “Best In Play” award at the Games Developers Conference, and a finalist of the Indie Prize at Casual Connect USA, Phantom Compass’s “Auto Age: Standoff” combines real-time car combat and tower defense, with a mixtape soundtrack featuring a variety of Canadian artists. The tracks are embedded into the game so gamers can view, play and buy the tracks from the main interface during gameplay. FACTOR helped fund the costs of the music placement and the programming/ design of the mixtape feature. The inclusion of Canadian artists in games such as Auto Age: Standoff, allows artists to reach wider audiences, while also providing players with the chance to discover new music.

Drinkbox Studios

Featuring music from YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN and Pantayo, Drinkbox Studios’ game, “Severed”, won multiple awards including: “Best Mobile Game + Best Musical Score”, Canadian Video Game Awards 2016; Apple iPad Game of the Year 2016, Apple; Best Mobile Game of 2016, Destructoid; Battery Park Award for Best Handheld Game, 2017 New York Game Awards; 5 best mobile games of 2016, GameSpot”; 10 best video games of 2016, Mashable”; as well as numerous nominations.

Severed has multiple areas and levels and each contains two original songs, one is for when the player is exploring and the other while they are engaged in combat. The game dynamically crossfades between these songs as the player switches between exploration and combat. The music is featured in advertising and Drinkbox Studios created a soundtrack that is available for the public to purchase.

“Drinkbox Studios is extremely grateful for the support of FACTOR’s Collective Initiatives program for the creation of the musical score in our latest game Severed. With the support of FACTOR, Drinkbox was able to partner with two incredible local musicians: YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and Pantayo. This collaboration allowed us to create an award-winning soundtrack that we are all very proud of, and also helped us gain additional recognition for Severed including being awarded iPad Game of the Year 2016 from Apple.” – Graham Smith, Drinkbox Studios.

Year-end Snapshot



$ offered from approved


Projects Approved


Components Approved


$ requested from submitted


Projects Submitted


Components Submitted

Approved Components



Sound Recordings


Tour Support


Radio Marketing

Collective Initiatives


Industry Support

Digital Marketing

Industry Events

Showcase Production for Artists from Official Language Minority Communities

Showcase Production for Export Ready Artists

Funding Partners

Government of Canada

$9.9 Million

Administered by FACTOR

Working with the Department of Canadian Heritage, FACTOR administered $9,999,901 through two components of the Canada Music Fund:

Collective Initiatives

Collective Initiatives provides financial assistance for initiatives that develop, promote and showcase the broader Canadian music industry through awards shows, educational initiatives, international showcases, and tools for marketing Canadian music on digital platforms.

New Musical Works

New Musical Works provides a broad range of support to artists, record labels, artist managers, music publishers and music distributors.

Broadcaster Contributions:

$9.4 Million

Contributed from Canada’s private radio broadcasters

Through the Broadcasting Act, commercial radio licensees are required to support the creation and presentation of Canadian programming. Satellite radio and pay audio licensees are also required to provide support under their conditions of license. These broadcasters assist FACTOR and Canada’s recording industry through the following mandated contributions to Canadian Content Development (CCD):

Tangible (transaction) Benefits

Tangible (transaction) Benefits require that when a broadcasting asset is acquired by a broadcaster, the acquiring party makes a contribution of 6% of the value of the transaction to CCD. Of this, 25% of the benefits package (1.5% of the total transaction value) must be contributed to FACTOR, or FACTOR’s French-language counterpart Musicaction.

Basic Annual Contributions

Basic Annual Contributions require that commercial radio licensees with more than $1.25 million in annual revenues, and satellite radios and pay audio licensees, contribute a percentage of the previous year’s revenue to Canadian Content Development. Forty-five percent of the total CCD contribution must go to FACTOR or Musicaction.

Over & Above Contributions

Over & Above Contributions arise when an applicant competing for a new license enhances its application with an extraordinary commitment to Canadian Content Development. If the new license is awarded, the over-and-above commitment becomes a condition of license requiring at least 20% of the over-and-above amount to be contributed to FACTOR or Musicaction.

Radio Broadcast, Satellite and Pay Audio Contributors: